Roy Bressler Update:


December 8th - Today Linda and I stopped by for a visit with Roy and his son Eli.  Roy is continuing to improve with all the drain tubes out and most other tubes out as well.  While he still sleeps a lot and did not speak to us he did wake up and was acknowledging we where there.  He still has a long recovery but he is making steps in the right direction.   Eli has to return to the Marines this week but Roy's daughter Jill will be in town of a week or so as well.  You are welcome to stop by the hospital and visit  any time between 11am and 8pm.  While Roy may be sleeping much of the visit he will know your there and it is good for him to have company.  Eli or Jill will continue to update the caring-bridge as well.

Update for today, Roy has his Day/Night cycle flipped so the past couple of nights he has been restless. When I get here he’s usually pretty active until about Noon and then it seems he is ready to sleep a bit.  A couple more small victories today. They removed the last drain from his head. Also, were able to take off the mittens he needed to wear to prevent him from pulling out IV’s. When I got here today, Dad was active, he wanted to get up and move between the bed and the chair, it was good to see him so determined to move around.

One of the Bigger challenges over the last couple of days has been the loss of strength and dexterity on his left side. From Yesterday, the situation is very similar. Roy is favoring his right side and displaying limited mobility on the left. He can move his left leg and arm, he just having trouble.  They did a C/T yesterday that looked good, and then they had an EEG monitor Dad for nearly 24 Hours to asses any possible seizure activity.  Although, there was no focal (noticeable??) seizure indications, the surgeon who operated on Roy said there could be some polarization, or small negatives fluctuations in his brain activity that are leading to the symptoms on the left side. Although it may not seem good on the surface, the Doctor feels like that it would be a normal condition and as long as he is stable and continues to heal, we should expect this to pass.

My uncle Doit Barth Stopped by and we had a great visit today. To everyone who has sent in Pictures thank you, I had the pictures printed during the day; I grabbed them on the way back to dads place last night and brought some in today. It was great; Roy held some pictures of him and a couple Pals Dan and Wayne from a fishing trip. I feel like he recognized the photo and was processing everything in the picture as he was looking at it.  

We’re moving in the right direction, all the prayers and positive energy are making  difference. From our entire Family, Thank you.

 Roy fell on his way into the December meeting Monday December 2nd 2019 and the paramedics were called.  Roy was transported Ridges emergency room where they found him suffering from a sever head injury.  He was transported to Regions Hospital in St Paul that same evening where he underwent brain surgery for a blood clout in his brain.  He came out of surgery at 2:45am and is now in recovery.  

I was able to get in contact with his daughter Jill in Florida and she has been keeping me up to date . Jill also got a hold of her brother Eli (Major in the Marines) who had just arrived in Los Angeles for meetings and he was able to get a flight out on Tuesday and he is now here and with his dad.  

 Tuesday December 3rd – 9am

At this point Roy is doing as well as expected and today they removed his breathing tube and the doctors say he is responding to their directions.  He still has a drain tube in his skull and still coming out of the anesthesia so very disoriented.  

 Tuesday – 6:30pm

The latest update:  he is responding to more directions and can answer simple questions.  They are working on his blood pressure and his insulin levels but things are improving.  The team says he will be in the surgical ICU until the he stops draining from the tube.  Eli will be at the hospital tomorrow and he is taking pictures from the house to help with the recovery.  While he is allowed guests it might be better to wait a little longer for him to heal a little before people start dropping by.  

Wednesday December 4, 2019 at 1735

  Today was another good day. Second day of recovery and although Roy's been sleeping most of the day. I feel as thought a number of Small improvements amount to great progress. 
   First, the physical therapists were able to get him to stand a couple times, I was floored! He only stood for a few seconds and seemed dizzy, but he was determined and wanted to keep trying until he stood three times. It was great.
   Next, they cleared him to eat soft food. He was able to take a couple bites of apple sauce and sips of juice. Couldn't do that yesterday so i feel like that another great step. 
   Finally, the Team here are slowly increasing the pressure in his cranium as the drainage slows, which is another big step in the right direction. So everyone knows, the immediate priority is keeping Dad stabile, and allowing his wounds to heal and stop draining. We will remain here in the Surgical ICU until his wounds stop draining, and it seems that is progressing well. No real guess when we will cross the next bridge but it all looks good now.

The team here at the hospital has been amazing, I brought in a couple dozens Bundtini's ( lil Bundt Cupcakes??, yeah that's a thing.) today to try say thanks for all they've done so far. I plan on being here from mid morning til' 2000ish until things change, if there Anything I can do please reach out.
Thanks to all who've reached out, your thoughts, Love, and Prayers mean everything in this moment.

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